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Before morning rounds, between cases, post-call, waiting in line for coffee… There is always time for a quick sketch. During clerkship, I carried around a sketchbook, capturing what I saw and what I learned. Here are a few photographs from my Orthopedic Rotation Sketchbook. One of my goals of the rotation was to review anatomy by going through old lecture notes and textbooks. Gray’s Anatomy and Netter’s – two of my favorite textbooks filled with amazing drawings!

Michiko Maruyama Clerkship SketchbookMichiko Maruyama Orthopedic Rotation Sketches Knee Diagram

Michiko Maruyama Orthopedic Rotation Sketches Leg Nerves plus Inguinal Hernia Sticky Note Diagram

Michiko Maruyama Orthopedic Rotation Dega Osteotomy Diagram



  1. I think this is wonderful to keep adults and children informed about health and surgery KUDOS TO MICHIKO MARUYAMA and thank you for sharing this information to the public, now when i have surgery i will look at one of your books 88 years young.

  2. US med student here — this is amazing! I’ve been trying to do this, but it takes me a really long time (never took drawing classes, trying to figure it out)

    Do you plan out your diagrams? Do you start with a big outline and then do stuff like shading and details

    Anyways, just wanted to share that your website truly inspired me!

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