Create your own 3D Heart Model!

Create your own 3D anatomical heart model with this 3D heart both sides! For more Organami anatomical models, click here.


Changing the World – One Toy at a Time:

Drawing on my unique combination of industrial design, graphic art, and medical training, I aim to create educational resources that facilitate knowledge transfer and communication between physician and child. Since children learn through play, I was inspired to dedicate my Master of Industrial Design Thesis Work to the creation of education toys. Under the supervision of Robert Lederer, an experienced designer and associate professor at the University of Alberta, I am creating a series of educational toys that will teach children about cardiac health. These educational toys will teach basic cardiac anatomy, introduce medical terminology, discuss the importance of cardiac health and encourage a cardiac healthy lifestyle. By introducing the importance of cardiac health at an early age, the potential beneficial long term outcome is a decrease in the incidence of cardiac disease among the adult population.

The Play, Learn, Teach! Project was a recipient of the Alberta Medical Association Emerging Leader in Health Promotion Grant.


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