Patient’s Perspective

This Daily Doodle is in support of Alberta local pharmacies and local pharmacists across Canada. When I was undergoing treatmentsRead More →

Today, while I was waiting for my treatment, someone asked meĀ “What do you think about when you are lying inRead More →

After being diagnosed with cancer or any disease or illness, a common first reaction is to start taking as manyRead More →

Last night, I couldn’t sleep. I laid awake, palpating a new area that felt like tumor, trying to remember whetherRead More →

“As doctors [and medical students], we have to ask the standard questions, “Have you noticed any unexplained changes in weight?Read More →

I Feel Like a Giant Chicken. This Daily Doodle captures how I felt in the midst of my egg harvestingRead More →

Today, I started yet another new drug called Letrozole. This Daily Doodle features its chemical structure and the mechanism ofRead More →

This Daily Doodle accompanied my facebook status I posted over a month ago – I was walking along the seawallRead More →

First Day of Medical Leave. This Daily Doodle marks the first day of my medical leave. My goal is toRead More →