This Daily Doodle is a collage of the pathogenesis and clinical presentation of Ebola Virus Disease. As described on theRead More →

This Daily Doodle illustrates a Boxer’s Fracture, a fracture across the distal neck of the fifth metacarpal bone. Boxer’s fracturesRead More →

This Daily Doodle represents the differential diagnosis of “chest” pain/discomfort which is quite an extensive list of both cardiac andRead More →

The appendix is a blind ended tube like structure connected to the cecum near the ileocecal valve. The most commonRead More →

This Daily Doodle acts as a simple visual reminder of the steps involved in the primary survey of a traumaRead More →

The normal concentration of serum potassium is 3.5 – 5.0 mEq/L. When potassium levels climb above the normal limits (>5.0Read More →

In order to remember all the different medications in my ER rotation, Blake and I started to create one linerRead More →

This Daily Doodle represents the academic half day lecture on Biliary Disease. The gallbladder, which is surprisingly green, collects andRead More →

Shock = inadequate organ and tissue perfusion with oxygenated blood. This doodle captures the four main categories of shock: 1.Read More →

Septic 7 This Daily Doodle captures the 7 signs of septic shock 1. Sepsis (+ blood culture) 2. WBC –Read More →