Click the following links to download a printable .pdf of the Sternotomy Bear:  Sternotomy Bear Blue – Michiko Maruyama HospitalRead More →

Changing the World – One Toy at a Time: Drawing on my unique combination of industrial design, graphic art, andRead More →

This Daily Doodle illustrates the anatomical position of the left kidney, which is located approximately 1 cm higher than theRead More →

This Daily Doodle features the embryology of the heart, one of my favorite organs! The cardiovascular system is the firstRead More →

To start off my Gross Anatomy Elective, I will begin with a review of embryology because I love embryology! ItRead More →

This Daily Doodle illustrates non-obstructive acute pyelonephritis, an acute inflammation of the kidney and renal pelvis, typically caused by bacterialRead More →

This Daily Doodle illustrates Pityriasis Versicolor (aka tinea versicolor), a superficial cutaneous fungal infection that typically presents as numerous irregularlyRead More →

This Daily Doodle is a collage of the pathogenesis and clinical presentation of Ebola Virus Disease. As described on theRead More →

Uric acid is the product of the metabolic breakdown of purine nucleotides. It is composed of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, andRead More →

This Pediatric Urology Daily Doodle illustrates the “3 Secrets of Life” to maintaining a healthy and happy bladder. The firstRead More →

This Daily Doodle illustrates a Boxer’s Fracture, a fracture across the distal neck of the fifth metacarpal bone. Boxer’s fracturesRead More →

Treatment of calculi depends on several factors, including size, location and composition of the stones as well as the patient’sRead More →

This Daily Doodle illustrates the differential diagnosis of hematuria. A popular mnemonic = “TICS”: T Trauma: trauma, foley insertion, foreign body, extensiveRead More →

During a lecture in my second year of medical school, we had an interactive panel discussion on the many actionsRead More →

Meet Staphylococcus aureus. Although these cute appearing cocci form cuddly grape-like-clusters on agar culture slides, watch out! Take caution with theseRead More →

A young man was admitted for chest pain. He underwent several investigations which showed early signs of coronary artery disease. UponRead More →

Pleural effusion is a condition in which excess fluid accumulates in the pleural cavity. Typically, the pleural cavity is filledRead More →

The heart is contained in a beautiful dual layered fibroserous elastic sac called the pericardium. The outer layer, the fibrousRead More →

Inspired by the artwork of Frank Netter and my experiences in the gross anatomy lab, this Daily Doodle highlights theRead More →

Inspired by the beautiful anatomical lithograph drawings from Gray’s Anatomy, this Daily Doodle illustrates the difference between direct and indirectRead More →

“Derived from the Greek words “sclerosis” meaning hardness and “derma” meaning skin, scleroderma literally means hard-skin” [2]. But, with thatRead More →

This Daily Doodle represents the differential diagnosis of “chest” pain/discomfort which is quite an extensive list of both cardiac andRead More →

The term hepatitis refers to inflammation of the liver. From toxins to infections, the differential diagnosis is quite broad, however,Read More →

Day 1 of Surgery Clerkship Rotation: This Daily Doodle highlights the anatomy seen during a laparascopic cholecystectomy and contains aRead More →

Blue = Schwann cell,  pink = nucleus of Schwann cell,  yellow = axon of a peripheral nerve Schwann cells areRead More →

The appendix is a blind ended tube like structure connected to the cecum near the ileocecal valve. The most commonRead More →

This Daily Doodle acts as a simple visual reminder of the steps involved in the primary survey of a traumaRead More →

Giardia lamblia (aka: G. duodenalis or G. intestinalis) Don’t be tricked by these cute looking flagellated protozoans! They are oftenRead More →

Embryology! One of my favorite topics. I am absolutely fascinated about how the body grows, folds and divides during theRead More →

The normal concentration of serum potassium is 3.5 – 5.0 mEq/L. When potassium levels climb above the normal limits (>5.0Read More →

Lectures: Intro to the Integument Block, Language of Dermatology, Common Infections of the Skin, Pre-Lab Orientation, Skin Histology Lab, PhysiologyRead More →

This daily doodle focuses on Acne Vulgaris, an inflammatory condition of the pilosebaceous unit that is associated with the formation of “comedones” (plugged hair follicles).Read More →

Introduction to Hematologic Malignancy During this lecture, we learned how to approach Hematologic Malignancy, with the focus on 5 majorRead More →

This Daily Doodle is in support of Alberta local pharmacies and local pharmacists across Canada. When I was undergoing treatmentsRead More →

Takotsubo Syndrome, also known as Stress-induced cardiomyopathy, Broken Heart Syndrome and Transient Apical Ballooning Syndrome, is a type of non-ischaemicRead More →

Today, while I was waiting for my treatment, someone asked me “What do you think about when you are lying inRead More →

After being diagnosed with cancer or any disease or illness, a common first reaction is to start taking as manyRead More →

Last night, I couldn’t sleep. I laid awake, palpating a new area that felt like tumor, trying to remember whetherRead More →

“As doctors [and medical students], we have to ask the standard questions, “Have you noticed any unexplained changes in weight?Read More →

I Feel Like a Giant Chicken. This Daily Doodle captures how I felt in the midst of my egg harvestingRead More →

Today, I started yet another new drug called Letrozole. This Daily Doodle features its chemical structure and the mechanism ofRead More →

This Daily Doodle accompanied my facebook status I posted over a month ago – I was walking along the seawallRead More →

First Day of Medical Leave. This Daily Doodle marks the first day of my medical leave. My goal is toRead More →

This Daily Doodle represents the medical uses of the powerful neurotoxin produced by Clostridium botulinum and it also serves asRead More →

In order to remember all the different medications in my ER rotation, Blake and I started to create one linerRead More →

This Daily Doodle represents the academic half day lecture on Biliary Disease. The gallbladder, which is surprisingly green, collects andRead More →

Shock = inadequate organ and tissue perfusion with oxygenated blood. This doodle captures the four main categories of shock: 1.Read More →

Septic 7 This Daily Doodle captures the 7 signs of septic shock 1. Sepsis (+ blood culture) 2. WBC –Read More →

This Daily Doodle represent one of my favorite Academic Half Day Seminars on Airway Management. During this seminar, we learnedRead More →

Ovarian Cancer is the 5th most common cancer in women and the most common cause of death from gynecologic cancers.Read More →

The layer of cells that line the uterus is called the endometrium (red). It is this layer that proliferates inRead More →

Three of my favorite cells in the body: osteoblasts, osteocytes and osteoclasts. This trio of cells play a key roleRead More →

This Daily Doodle represents depression and it is inspired by an illustration published in JAMA on Bipolar Disorder, which IRead More →

In today’s lecture and gross anatomy lab, we learned about the various bones, muscles, vessels and nerves of the neck.Read More →

This Daily Doodle features the Homunculus of the Primary Motor Cortex. The primary motor cortex is a strip of theRead More →

This Daily Doodle captures the first time I saw an optic disc using an ophthalmoscope! The optic disc is locatedRead More →

During today’s lecture, we covered several common Inflammatory skin disorders, including: Psoriasis, Atopic Dermatitis, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Pityriasis Rosea and LichenRead More →

Today is World Diabetes Day, represented by the blue ring symbol. This daily doodle features the three main tissues involvedRead More →

This daily doodle highlights some of the physical signs seen in hypercholesterolemia conditions, such as Familial Hypercholesterolemia. When cholesterol levelsRead More →

First day of Endocrine! This daily doodle features a VLDL, one of the five major groups of lipoproteins (chylomicrons, very-low-density lipoprotein,Read More →

A healthy platter of food for your bones! Salmon packed with Vitamin D (but not as much as what youRead More →

Today, we had an orientation on breast and pelvic exams to prepare us for our clinical skills sessions next week.Read More →

This daily doodle captures all, well, most, of the blood cellular components which are all derived from the main haematopoieticRead More →

This daily doodle represents the development of the Red Blood Cell in the bone marrow. This process is called ErythropoiesisRead More →

Pathology of the Upper GI, Malabsorption Syndromes and Introduction to GI Clinical Skills. This daily doodle features Helicobacter pylori, aRead More →

In lecture, we covered the physiology of Gastric Secretion and Peptic Ulcer Disease. Here is the upper gastrointestinal mucosa, whichRead More →

Embryology of Foregut and review of GI Gross Anatomy. During the embryology lecture, we went over the development of theRead More →

First day of 2nd year!  The GI block started off with an overview of the GI tract histology and thenRead More →

This Daily Doodle features two themes – injections and metastasis of cancer. During our Needle Workshop, we learned how toRead More →