Word on the Street

“Entertaining yet dreadfully educational” – Reddit User

“We wish you the best of luck. Sounds like you’re doing a really great thing to keep kids from a really dumb drug” – Cards Against Humanity

  • DAT – “Thank you Cards Against Humanity. It is certainly a terrible drug when used inappropriately.”

“Thank you for taking the time to develop an educational tool around such an important, life-threatening issue.” – Dr Zoë Ayling, Emergency Physician, BC

“I have respect for their creativity, but I know what teenagers are like and this is a terrible idea!” – Anonymous Facebook User

  • DAT – “If it saves one life, it is worth it. There is a trivia version if you are uncomfortable by the one inspired by Cards Against Humanity.

The actual cards are perfect, these docs understand addiction and humour!” – Facebook User

“Just wondering who would buy this – people who are already aware of the dangers probably wouldn’t and druggies can’t afford it or don’t care to.” – Facebook User

  • DAT – “Our games are completely free. Click here for Free Downloads. Printed versions of the game will also be made available in pubs, cafes, restaurants, etc. People who are already aware of the dangers of fentanyl will kick a$$ in the Trivia version, plus, there are a variety of easy and challenging cards to pay. Also, we don’t make assumptions about the ‘druggies’ nor do we use that label. People who use recreational drugs might get a kick out of our games too. Plus, there’s lots of people who don’t know about fentanyl and who don’t use recreational drugs, but they might get exposed to it along the way. Regardless, it’s worth a shot to save a life.”

“Brilliant!” – Facebook User

“The opioid epidemic has become a global crisis. People are dying of overdoses daily and Canada has also seen their share of these tragic deaths due to Fentanyl laced drugs. Unfortunately, many people are still unaware of the dangers of taking illicit opiates. Many young adults are exposed to recreational use of opioids, including heroin or they might have been prescribed for legitimate pain. We often treat Canadian patients who have become addicted to opioids. Many were unaware of what they are really taking and often see the dangerous results of these powerful opioids. It has always been challenging to educate adolescents in a way that they will understand, without simply scaring them. It’s great that these Alberta physicians have come up with an alternative method for educating their young citizens. Let’s continue to find new and innovative ways of spreading awareness to decrease future overdoses.” – Comment from “The Fix”