Dr. Michiko Maruyama

MD, BDes

Position: Cardiac Surgery Resident, Master of Industrial Design Candidate

Michiko Maruyama graduated from the University of British Columbia Northern Medical Program in 2015 and she was accepted into the Cardiac Surgery Residency Program at the University of Alberta. Prior to starting medical school, Michiko completed an Industrial Design degree (Engineering Route) at the University of Alberta. Michiko continues to actively explore and integrate medicine, art and design. She is currently in her third year of cardiac surgery residency and she is concurrently working towards a Master of Industrial Design degree. For more information about Dr. Maruyama’s art and design work, please visit: www.artoflearning.ca

  1. Where were you born? Calgary. But I grew up in Lethbridge, Alberta, and spent a lot of time on my grandparents’ Taber corn farm.
  2. What university did you go to? I completed my first degree at the University of Alberta in Industrial Design and then I went to medical school at UBC, Northern Medical Program in Prince George. Now I am back at U of A completing my residency in cardiac surgery and my masters in design.
  3. What are your favorite activities? Judo! I am a black belt in judo and a National Judo champ! Judo-Chop!
  4. Any hobbies? Painting, sketching and making toys
  5. Favorite movies? 3 Idiots
  6. Major obsession? The heart, art, design and board games
  7. Favorite food? BAGEL BITES
  8. Favorite snack? BAGEL BITES
  9. Favorite sports team? Sadly, I rarely have time to watch sports 🙁
  10. Life goal? To integrate art, design and medicine and to be an amazing cardiac surgeon and mom!