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Download your own printable game for free but, remember to social distance! Don’t go inviting friends over to have a games night in the middle of a pandemic. Stay home and play with your family, roommates or imaginary friends.



We will be constantly updating this file, so please check for updates.



Doctors Against Tragedies is a non-profit organization. Please help us create more educational resources – click here to donate. 



These version contains course language and are intended for people 18 years of age and older. If you haven’t played the game that inspired us, Cards Against Humanity, please check them out first. Play at your own risk. User discretion is advised.



* DAT teamed up with Edmonton’s Young Offenders to create their own, “Jail House” Edition deck. They wrote the cards themselves and we helped by adding a few educational facts.

5 thoughts on “Free Downloads

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  3. Hi there,

    I would love to be able to have a blank template to make cards that suit our context here in Perth Western Australia. I work in the sphere of opioid overdose prevention and overdose response and maange WA naloxne programs in community and prisons. Many of these cards are useful, however not all are relevant to our current landscape. In WA we have the highest OD rate per capita, and thankfully powdered fentanyl has not made inroads as yet, however we have a significant issue with the patches, we watch and wait.. I would like to be able to use this resource next week, all printed and ready! big ask i know, but what are the chances of a downloadable editable card?

    Kind regards,

    Grace Oh

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