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Burn Survival Kit

Burn Survival Kit

The Burn Survival Kit

Of the estimated 350,000 burn-related deaths world-wide per year, over 95% occur in poverty-stricken regions. In these areas, burns are either left untreated, commonly mistreated, or treated in a hospital with little or no resources. Without prompt treatment, even small burns can be devastating. Deformity, disfigurement and social isolation are common. Many do not survive.

“The Burn Survival Kit” is designed to be a first contact resource for burns in low income countries. It is comprised of oral rehydration salts for inexpensive resuscitation, innovative wound dressing using simplified and easily reproducible electro-spinning nanotechnology to weave silver and anaesthetics into the fabric and a step-by-step set of wordless instructions carefully designed to overcome language barriers using the Universal Language of Art and Design.



In partnership with Dr. Helen Burt’s lab at UBC, we are developing and testing the silver nanotubule dressing. Images: Electro-spinning Apparatus (top), confocal laser scanning microscopy (right) and photograph of silver nanotubule dressing spun onto tinfoil (left).






Nanofiber_Laser_Confocal_2 Electrospinner_Homemade_Label.jpg